If your PS5 has a visibly damaged HDMI port from an impact or snagged HDMI cable, we can help.

This often causes no image to be displayed on your TV, a distorted picture or intermittent video output, all of these problems relate to a faulty HDMI port that needs to be replaced, the good news, we can fix it for you.

HDMI port failure or damage is a common fault with most game consoles, unfortunately more so with PS5’s!

We use specialist micro soldering equipment including digital microscopes, thermal camera’s and high accuracy temperature control repair kit to carefully and professionally de-solder your old HDMI port from the motherboard and re-solder a brand new genuine PlayStation 5 HDMI port back in its place, often making the port and pin connections more robust and durable than the day it was made.

We offer both Postal Services and Drop Off at our Shop / Workshop in Lower Hutt for onsite repair.

Your PS5 will be repaired on either a Same Day or Next Day Service.


  1. Agnes

    Hi jsut wondering how much it is to replace or fix my ps5 hdmi port

  2. Moira Tamihere

    I have a PS5 that has been dropped on the hdmi port. Are you able to provide an estimate price on how much it would cost to fix this?



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